Most Annoying Habits Of Other Motorists

Research has revealed the habits that drivers find most annoying from other road users.


Automotive repair and servicing specialist Kwik Fit has conducted a survey into what drivers deem the most annoying offences committed by other motorists. Participants made a top five list, detailing which habits they found most irritating.

At the top of the list is using a mobile phone whilst driving, which 56% of people selected as the most annoying habit of other road users. This is followed by tailgating, which 50% of drivers selected in their top five list, and failing to indicate, chosen by 49% of participants.

Making up the bottom of the list is hesitant driving and jumping lights, both equally picked by 18% of drivers.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “The research clearly shows that actions of other drivers which annoy us the most are those which put people’s safety at risk on the road. There is no excuse for using a handheld mobile phone when driving, whether it’s for a call, texting or checking social media. The fact that the number of drivers receiving penalty points for using a mobile when driving has fallen should not make us complacent, and if the government does change the law to close loopholes we are likely to see those figures rocket back up again, especially if police forces continue to use innovative techniques to catch drivers breaking the law.

“It’s vital for road safety that we make using the phone when driving as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. Until we have fully autonomous vehicles, anything which diverts a driver’s attention from the road is a risk to their safety and those of the road users around them.”

Offences from other motorists

Proportion of drivers selecting it in their top five annoying habits

Using a mobile phone 56%
Tailgating 50%
Failing to indicate 49%
Dangerous overtaking 38%
Changing lane without indicating 33%
Last minute braking 24%
Middle lane cruising/hogging 24%
Speeding 23%
Hesitant driving 18%
Jumping Lights 18%
Data provided by Kwik Fit.