The Tesla Cybertruck

There's a new all-electric pick-up truck on the block, revealed by Tesla.


Tesla’s new Cybertruck has possibly the most radical design ever seen on a pick-up truck, or most other vehicles for that matter. The Cybertruck is angular, simplistic and cutting-edge and is sure to score a large section of the pick-up market.

The front features a single light strip and a boxy design, with a peaked roof that meets in the middle of the body. The rear of the truck is largely the same, constructed from stainless steel throughout. This means the Cybertruck can withstand bullets, aided by the reinforced windows. To the rear, the truck’s bed can be covered by a panelled section for protection and safety.


The exterior styling might be a bit marmite – some will love it, others won’t – but the performance figures are anything but unimpressive. 0-62mph can take as little as 2.9 seconds, which is an unbelievable time from a pick-up truck. This is, of course, with the truck unladen, so use up the 1588kg payload and this time will likely increase substantially.

It’s only the tri motor variant that can reach the 2.9 second 0-62mph sprint. The Cybertruck is also offered with a dual or single motor set-up, doing the sprint in 4.5 seconds and 6.5 seconds respectively – still giving the famous Golf GTI a run for it’s money.


The showcase presentation wasn’t all plain sailing for Tesla though. Whilst emphasising the Cybertruck’s bullet-resistant qualities, Tesla's head of design, Franz von Holzhausen, threw a metal ball at the front window to demonstrate, which proceeded to smash. Repeating the action with the rear window, the same thing happened. CEO Elon Musk joked that there is still ‘room for improvement’.

Video from YouTube, posted by BBC News.

This error alone caused Musk’s net worth to drop by 6% (£598m) in a single day. However, even with the slight hiccup at the event, Tesla has received 150,000 pre-orders for the new model, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2021. UK customers are asked for a fully-refundable £100 deposit to place an order.